Change texts of the Jira Service Manage Project help centre fields with Forge App

In a project of Jira in client channels, within the help centre, I have created an app forge, and I have added a footer with the following example:

I would like to use this forge app to access the fields already in the help centre and modify them.

By javascript console you can access the fields by the label and change them with innerHTML, is there any possibility to do this from the forge app with the footer created?

Example console and images

document.getElementsByClassName(“sc-bHwgHz iVhUOe”)[0]

document.getElementsByClassName(“sc-bHwgHz iVhUOe”)[0].innerHTML = “Title modify”

I would need to do this with all the fields that are displayed in the help centre HTML from an app forge. Any solution would be appreciated

Sorry, it’s not possible to modify elements of the host page.

We are exploring extensibility like this with UI Modifications on the issue create screen in Jira, but nothing is planned for the JSM portal at the moment.