Change the web-item label dynamically in jira cloud


I have a configuration file to set the label name for the web-item.
How can I change the web-item label dynamically in Jira cloud.?

Please let us know if any API or call back function?

Kiran M

You want

Thanks for the replay.

I am looking web-item name i.e “Test link”. I have requirement to change the name dynamically. below is my descriptor.

“webItems”: [
“location”: “operations-operations”,
“weight”: 200,
“styleClasses”: [
“context”: “addon”,
“target”: {
“type”: “dialogmodule”,
“options”: {
“key”: “dialog-module-key”
“tooltip”: {
“value”: “My Test link”

        "name": { 
          "value": "Test link"
        "key": "my-test-modules"

KIran. M

Yeah you can’t do that through the descriptor. You’ll need to use the dynamic module rest call to create your entry. You could potentially set a property that could be used with a condition to turn off the default entry in your descriptor and then use that same property in a negate condition to enable the new one.

Thank you. I will verify and let you know.