Changelog for custom field "Sprint" not appearing on creation of new issue put into active sprint


I think there may have been a change in what gets sent in the changelog after creating a new issue and assigning it to an active sprint.

We used to see the sprint being updated in the changelog, but now this is only happening when a ticket has been moved from one sprint to another.

For example, I am on the create issue modal and I choose a currently active sprint. Create the ticket. We receive a jira:issue_created and jira:issue_updated webhook, with no changelog for the sprint. We are pretty sure this used to be there.

Has anything been changed recently that could be affecting this?


Hi @RomyGreenfield ,

I will reach out to the Jira Ecosystem team to request they look into this.


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Hi @RomyGreenfield,

just to be on the same page - are you receiving two webhooks (issue_created and issue_updated) right after creating issue? I am asking as I don’t think this should really happen.

I also see that adding/removing the sprint and moving from one sprint to another generates the changelog item.
On the other hand, when you create the issue, issue_created webhook should have a sprint field correctly filled in its body.

Anyway, I will try to confirm if there were any related changes introduced.

Hi @KamilKozlowski

Yes we receive two webhooks right away. I can see that the sprint custome field is on both of the webhooks.

The issue we have is we built functionality based on receiving the sprint update in the changelog for the issue updated webhook when creating a new issue, so an update or removing this means our function no longer works as intended and we need to alert users and build a work around.

This could also affect other vendors.

Hello again,

Is there any update on this?

Hello again,

We really need an update as we need to try and implement a work around and inform customers.

Hey @RomyGreenfield, I was about to write back to you. I was checking the codebase but couldn’t spot any related changes. Especially that I still don’t know why two webhooks are triggered just right after creating an issue.

Can we please switch back to the support ticket? I’ll try to assist the support engineer with the investigation.

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