Changelog for Jira Cloud REST API v3 beta

Is there anywhere we can see a changelog/diff for the new v3 REST API endpoints so we know at a high level what’s different between them and the v2 endpoints?


From my understanding currently there is no one place where this information is held however this is something that we are looking into.

You can diff these documents. (Jira Cloud v2 Open API spec) (Jira Cloud v3 Open API spec)


@jbevan I dug a bit deeper and you can try requests with expand parameter equals changelog . You can check it e.g. here:

Thanks @scallahan - I just saw on an PSCLOUD support ticket the following quote:

…I highly recommend swapping to REST API Version 3. There have been significant architectural changes to the system that Version 2 does not account for. You can find more details on Version 3 of the Jira Cloud REST API here:

Can you (or anyone else at Atlassian) speak more about that? I was only aware of the introduction of support for ADF in v3 of the API.

Isn’t API 3 doing all the accountId stuff, I’m assuming it is not in API 2

No, the “accountId stuff” can be used in both API versions 2 and 3. See also here for more migration information:

Note that both version 2 and version 3 of the Jira Cloud REST API will be updated according to this document. Version 3 was introduced to support the Atlassian Document Format (ADF). With respect to GDPR, there is no difference between these versions.

Is v3 still in beta? it’s been. a few years.

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Hi @aidin.mahmoodi ,

Unfortunately it is still in beta and I’m not aware of the timeline to make it GA.