Changes in project's sender email APIs

What is changing?

GET /rest/api/{2|3|latest}/project/{projectId}/email - Added domain claim status in response, if the project is using a custom domain

PUT /rest/api/{2|3|latest}/project/{projectId}/email - Added additional validation to verify the domain

We have the PR ready - this will be merged along with the Feature launch.

Why is it changing?

Jira Cloud provides a way for emails that come from Jira to appear like they’re coming directly from your company. To do this, you can customize the sender email addresses with your company’s domain. Admins can now configure Atlassian systems to comply with the standard for authenticating emails called Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting, and Conformance (DMARC).

Refer these docs for more details

What do I need to do?

Existing custom domains emails will not be impacted by this change. However, you will not be able to update any existing compliant custom domains email address that are not DMARC compliant. To use DMARC based custom domains your site admin has to follow these steps to configure in your Jira cloud instance.

By when do I need to do it?

10 Jan 2022

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Hi @AdarshSinghMaheshwar, Could you clarify what actions ecosystem developers need to take for their apps? From what i can work out from this annoucement it is a user facing change that shouldn’t affect apps?

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