Changes on Jira Cloud issue screen behavior?

Many of our customers have started complaining about their Jira performance issues because of our plugin.
Some of them have completely removed the plugin because of this, but we did not introduced any changes to our code recently, and the most important thing is that we only deliver a small iframe on the issue page.

Note: - Only Jira Cloud users have complained about this issue

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Where is the iframe (location) and what’s the performance issue that they’re reporting?

It seems odd that you can impact the loading behavior since that’s kinda why Connect uses the sandboxed iframe (well one of the reasons).

Don’t know if @dmeyer has any ideas…

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Hi @daniel
The iframe is server by our cloud app (Europe based).
They are telling us that after installing the plugin, all JIRA screens loads slowly and all buttons are disabled until the page loads completely.
This is very odd as you said.
Hope their description of the issue could help you guys.

That is odd behavior and I wouldn’t think it could happen. Don’t know if somebody like @rmassaioli have any ideas.

My suggestion would be to file a support case through ( see ) for one of the customers.

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