Changes to Assets /object/aql and /object/navlist/aql endpoints

Hello Atlassian Developer Community,

We want to notify you about two upcoming change to the REST API’s for Assets in Jira Service Management cloud.

  1. In the interest of performance, we will be removing the total attribute from the response payload of the /object/aql endpoint. This means that the new default behaviour will be that the total number of objects found as a result of an AQL query will not be present. If you require this, instead you can now use the /object/aql/totalcount endpoint which will provide a total count for any AQL query.
  2. In the interest of simplifying our public API’s we will be removing /object/navlist/aql from our list of supported public endpoints and it should now be considered deprecated. Instead we recommend you migrate to the /object/aql endpoint.

Both of these changes will be made on or after 30 Sept 2024.

We hope these changes will cause minimal disruption and as always please reach out to us if you have any concerns or feedback.

All the best,

Justin King
Senior Product Manager, Jira Service Management