Changes to Confluence Editor release

Dear Developer community,

We want to let you know about an important change we’re making to the way we roll out the new editing experience. We will no longer be converting existing pages to the new experience - instead, you will only see the new experience when you create a new page. Please refer to for more details.

What does it mean for our developers:
We encourage our app vendors to continue making their apps compatible for new editor (detailed here: as we eventually plan to sunset the old editing experience. We will keep you informed about the progress in this direction.

Unfortunately, there is a bunch of unresolved issues introduced by the new editor.

Here is the quick list of blockers we have

Any chances to get these solved in near future?

The only method for our customers to continue to use our apps is to “copy” the old page to stay in old editor and complete their tasks. Very frustrating and painful experience