Changes to Confluence theming properties in ADG 3

As a result of Atlassian Design Guidelines (ADG 3) changes being made to Confluence Cloud, some changes will also be made to the lookandfeel resource of the Confluence REST API. This is the REST resource used for manipulating the global and space-level look and feel settings:

Global navigation (previously the header)

  • lookandfeel.header.backgroundColor will set the background colour to replace the ADG 3 blue. Hover states, selected, active and focus colours will be auto-generated based on the backgroundColour selected.
  • lookandfeel.header.primaryNavigation.color will set the colour for Confluence image logo and ‘Confluence’ text logo, all icons and all text.

The following header properties will no longer supported:

  • lookandfeel.header.button.color
  • lookandfeel.header.button.backgroundColor
  • lookandfeel.header.primaryNavigation.hoverOrFocus.backgroundColor
  • lookandfeel.header.primaryNavigation.hoverOrFocus.color
  • lookandfeel.header.secondaryNavigation.hoverOrFocus.backgroundColor
  • lookandfeel.header.secondaryNavigation.hoverOrFocus.color
  • lookandfeel.header.secondaryNavigation.color

General colours

The following properties will no longer supported:

  • lookandfeel.headings.color
  • lookandfeel.links.color
  • lookandfeel.menus.hoverOrFocus.backgroundColor
  • lookandfeel.menus.hoverOrFocus.color
  • lookandfeel.menus.color
  • lookandfeel.bordersanddividers.color

Feedback? Questions?
Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns about these changes.