Changes to Forge storage API operation limits

Back in February 2022, we announced an uplift of various platform limits and quotas. Since then, we’ve been monitoring the performance of the platform and listening to developer feedback.

Based on this, we’re excited to announce that we’ve increased the limits of delete and update operations, as well as changed how limits are enforced.

We’re moving away from rate limits per second, and are now implementing rate limits that align with invocations. A higher rate limit with a higher time window will allow apps that have boosts of invocation, like product events, to handle them well, and access the storage API even under high load.

As of this week, we’ve made the following changes:

  • Delete operations changed from 10/s to 400/20s
  • Update operations changed from 20/s to 1000/20s
  • Query operations changed from 10/s to 200/20s
  • Read operations changed from 50/s to 1000/20s

Refer to the Storage limits documentation for more details.

Your feedback matters

We would love to understand if this change addresses some of the pain points for your apps. Please let us know your feedback in the comments below. If you believe your app needs higher limits, do reach out to us on Forge Jira Project to help us understand your use case.

Thank you!


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