Changes to the Smart Link toolbar!

Dear Atlassian community!

We’re happy to announce that we’ve updated the Smart Link toolbar, to make it even easier for you to upgrade your links to smart cards and embeds, or downgrade them to URLs.

If you haven’t already, do play around with the different views for your links.

Cards can be useful to display links in a roadmap-style format - check out these Jira links in a Confluence table:

Embeds are great for videos or collaboration documents - for example YouTube links or Drive Docs:


your Atlassian team!


That’s pretty cool @VenkateshVasudevan, thanks for sharing this here! I wish apps / app macros could have their own toolbar as well and do cool stuff like this.



Agreed, and it would also be great if apps could implement Smart Links themselves as initially planned, not the least given Smart Links are implemented atop Forge already - are there any updates on the resp. blockers @VenkateshVasudevan ?

  • I realize there have been questions around domain ownership and authenticity, but given Connect apps are allowed to unfurl URLs (and even have priority over native capabilities then), I see no reason why Forge apps shouldn’t be allowed to do the same, you still need an admin to approve the app install after all?
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