Changing Trello's Changelogs

You may not have noticed a small, new addition to the Trello developer docs, but we’re excited to share that Trello has been on-boarded to the new changelogs platform inside of our docs:

Previously, our Trello Platform Changelog board was the official place that we announced changes to our API and Power-Ups platform. Moving forward, we’ll use the changelogs section of our documentation as the source of truth for changes:

We’ve back-ported all of the previous announcements from the Trello board into the changelogs. Yes, some of them need some more formatting love (tsk, tsk @bentley!).

If you prefer the Trello board, no worries! We have a Forge app in the works that will create new cards on the board (and also post here!) when a new changelog item is published.

If you prefer RSS notifications, check out the new RSS feed that comes with changelogs: Trello Developer Changelog


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