Check file change in pull request


I’m working on a project which use bitbucket server SDK to develop a plugin which will check whether a specific file is modified in a pull request. If it’s modified, we need to take some additional actions.

I’m currently trying to implement a class which implements RepositoryMergeCheck interface. In the preUpdate method, I can get a PreRepositoryHookContext object as well as a PullRequestMergeHookRequest. But how can I get the list of strings which contains the filename of modified files in this commit?

Any ideas?

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Hi @tommy.zhang,
You can use CommitService#getChanges() to retrieve the changes between two commits. The from since and until commit can be obtained from PullRequestMergeHookRequest#getMergeHash() and PullRequestMergeHookRequest#getToRef().



Thanks Justin,
That’s very helpful for me. However, it seems that CommitService is only an interface. I still need to write my own class implementing that interface. I still have no idea how to get the content of a commit rather than just getting some meta-info.


Hi @tommy.zhang,
Have a look at the example plugin on how to inject services provided by Bitbucket. You can use similar approach to inject CommitService.
The full tutorial can be found here