Check if the Jira server is in lastest version

I would like to check if our plugin is in last version before Cloud Migration start.

Is it possibile to check if my plugin is in lastest avaliable version form Java API?

On Manage apps page we can see plugins with related data. There is also Update button in case of avaliable update on Marketplace so it seems to be possible however i cannot find any doc about it.

Hi @JacekOstrowski,

I’m not sure about checking if the app is the latest version in UPM, or via the API. But for app migrations, you can update the Marketplace migration endpoint each time you release a server version.

Here, update the cloudMigrationAssistantCompatibility value to the minimum version you want for migration, and the Cloud Migration Assistant will inform the admin they have to upgrade before they can migrate.

Be aware however, this can cause friction because it may also then require Confluence or Jira to be upgraded as well. I would recommend you try and avoid forcing upgrades as much as possible.


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