Checkbox Group - Removing Items on Re-configuration mangles the config data


I am using a dynamically generated checkbox eg:

            <CheckboxGroup label="Optional Fields" name="fields">
                { => (
                <Checkbox label={} value={field.key} />

It works well to add and remove items on first configuration. However, if I publish the page and then reconfigure it and try to use the checkbox group again, config.fields becomes an absolutely unusable nested array like [[, e, n, v, i, r, o, m, t, , , s, a, c, h, ], assignee] instead of [environment, assignee, search] - where assignee is the new added value and the old existing values were the ones that got split as individual unique characters.

(but it’s not actually an array, its a string which could be the root cause of the bug - looks to be related to some kind of iterator acting on a string that it expects to be an array)


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I think this would be quite a small fix and happy to look at/fix the code for it myself if that’s an option?

Any update on this bug? I find that even when I do not reconfigure the checkboxes the returned value is still a string and not an array.

Hi Matteo,
This is the issue I raised for this bug, its assigned to someone but not sure what state its in, if you vote/comment there it might get prioritised higher

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Hi @zacmetinxero and @MatteoGubelliniSoftC

A fix for this bug is underway and should be rolled out in a few days.

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Hi team, we’ve fixed what should be the root issue with Confluence’s backend not serialising arrays for config correctly — please let us know if clearing and editing your macro config still has these issues.


Fixed for me thanks

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