Checklist from Jira Web Portal


I am looking to implement a checklist app within Jira, which would automatically add the checklist to certain issues as soon as they are created. The problem I have come across is that because our users create the issue via a web portal (not directly in Atlassian), the apps do not work (they only work when creating the issues directly in Jira). Does anyone know of a way this could be implemented or another app that provides this funcionality? Apologies if this has been asked previously or if this is not the correct place to ask this.

Thank you!

Welcome to the Atlassian developer community @ShfaKamar.

Generally speaking, Apps (Compass, Forge, or just webhooks) can all work on the jira:issue_created event. And all these approaches can work on the back-end adding data when triggered by that event. So I’m worried that I don’t understand the constraints. Can you explain more why the apps would only work when creating the issues directly in Jira?

Hi @ibuchanan

Thanks for the reply, sorry if I was not clear. I have been looking at some Jira apps ( Multiple Checklists for Jira, for example), this works well in the back end but we have set up a public service desk portal where customers can open issues for various projects. After speaking to the support team for this app they state that it only functions in the back end and not via our service desk portal. My question is, is there any way to get this feature to work how we desire?


Oh, I see. You meant you wanted a specific app to do something, not to build your own checklist app. No, I’m sure the app vendor knows what is possible more than I do. And, generally, when Apps do surface UI it would only work inside of the Atlassian native UI.