Chromium 126 APIs breaking DC products and apps


We’ve had customer and internal reports of issues with Chrome and Edge 126 in beta and soon to be stable versions. This seems to affect all Chromium-based browsers of 126 or higher.

Jira and other products are affected by using the API which is truthy, but returns a null value which can lead to a JavaScript error and thus to broken experiences for customers. The API also looks affected.

This affects marketplace apps in two ways;

  1. From our analysis, some Apps on marketplace may be using these APIs too and thus may have the same issue.
  2. We’re evaluating a workaround with customers disabling our browser metric plugins that Apps might be relying on

We’ve raised the issue to the Chromium project to see if it can be resolved there.

I’m sorry we don’t have all the answers yet, we’ll be updating the customer-facing tickets and this thread as we learn more. In particular we’re still learning the full impact on our products and we can only watch how browser teams respond.

Michael Kemp (Software Engineer on DC UI Platform)


Looks like this will get resolved in Chromium, but a big thanks for giving us a heads up on this, I’m not sure we would have known otherwise, til the update rolls out.


Good news, they are now backporting the fix


In case it’s missed from the original message. We’ve released new versions of our products with a fix, even though Edge and Chrome are looking good.

The ticket for customers

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