Claim only certain users under user management

Hi all
Is it possible to have a domain verified under 2 different Jira instances / sites. And have a single domain verified on both BUT only claim some users on each tenant?
Use case: we are migrating to a different domain, but some users still remain, the new domain has its own instance of Jira, but we still using our instance with our users using the new domain that we want to verify and claim only our users.
Please let me know urgently?
Thank you in advance

Hi, anyone? Someone? :slight_smile: Thank you


I think the short answer is “no”. But let’s deconstruct the constraints of Atlassian Identity and Access.

The key concept is Identity is Atlassian-wide. It introduces a management element complete separate from sites (aka instances): an organization. Users are claimed for an organization in whole by the domain of their email address. At this level users cannot (yet) be claimed selectively. The domain claim is “all or none”.

That said, from the perspective of a site, that does mean some users can be claimed while not claiming others. For example, if were claimed with a new organization for all users, then you don’t need to claim, who might be in your instances for a cross-organization collaboration. Or, for a more concrete example, all of us at Atlassian belong to an Atlassian organization, but we can collaborate with other users on sites like, without having to manage all those users with Identity/Access. Some of those users are managed by us only at the site level.

If that’s not enough information to help you decide how to migrate, then let me know more about the sets of users in each of your sites. And which ones you were hoping to claim and manage, and which ones not.