Clarification needed for Trello REST API auth mechanisms


I have a couple of questions regarding auth mechanisms supported for Trello REST API:

  1. Does Trello only support OAuth 1.0? Is OAuth 2.0 support expected in the future?
  2. The Trello documentation points to 2 endpoints: 1/authorize/, and the set mentioned in this section. I might be missing something very basic here, but I want to know if the 1/authorize/ method is only to get familiar with the APIs, and not recommended to be used while authorizing users via a website? Do they follow different auth mechanisms?


Yes, Trello only supports OAuth1.0. We don’t currently have any plans to support OAuth2.0.

The 1/authorize method is intended to be used for all authorization needs. For instance, it is used by the Trello Chrome Extension:

Either 1/authorize or OAuth1.0 can be used to authorize users via a website.

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