Clarifications about jira-func-test-plugin, testkit and PageObjects for integration test development


I would like to set up a CI/CD pipeline with Bamboo with unit, integration and functional (UI) tests for Jira Server v8.16.1.
I’ve been looking at the Atlassian docs, but it seems to be quite outdated and raised more questions than it answered:

  • After reading this page I added the PageObject dependency in the POM file and the code in my IDE, but the code seems broken - there are unknown variables and methods, like csvFile, showAdvanced() or this.delimiter. Is the PageObject library deprecated or will it be in the near future?

  • What about the jira-func-test-plugin? Is it deprecated? It is also mentioned in the PageObject tutorial linked above, and it seems that you can’t use PageObject without using jira-func-test-plugin too. Do they have a dependency relation or are they completely independent form each other? I read this page. Here the author states that both libraries are used for ui.

  • How does the Wired Test framework fit with the jira-func-test-plugin and PageObject?

Thank you in advance

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Same here, been stuck on this for days. Dependencies not working with 8.x.y and / or depreciated technologies that have not been updated in years. It would be great to get an answer from Atlassian