Clear content property manager's cache

Hi Community,

I have changed manually in database some records of the os_propertyentry table, but I do not see the changes because of its cache I guess. If I do a Flush All action in Cache Statistics I see the changes but I do not want to flush all the caches. Is there any way to clear only the specific cache? And which one is?



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Hi @GorkaGalloBustinza!

For some reason, the Content Properties row is hidden on that table. If you want to unhide it, you can inspect the Cache Statistics page using your browser’s dev tools and search for “com.atlassian.confluence.core.DefaultContentPropertyManager”. Then, remove the “hidden” class on that <tr> element. You should be able to find the row for “Content Properties” now and flush it separately.

Hope this solves the issue :white_check_mark:

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Hi @ahmed.alaghbari ,

Thank you for the response. Unfortunately, I flushed that cache (that already was there) but still I do not see the changes until I do a flush all action, so I do not have very clear which is really the cache affected.