Client cannot update an add-on version through Marketplace


we’ve recently released a new version of our app, and contacted a few of our client to test out new features. The app wasn’t updated yet on their instances, so we’ve asked them to update through the plugin manager in Jira.

Unfortunately, this is the error they are receiving.

Looks like Jira is confused when trying to manually update the app?


It’s a security measure. You’re not allowed to mix apps that have been installed from non-marketplace sources (ie development) and marketplace apps.

If you need to share the new app version - give them a private installation token from the marketplace.

It’s installed from marketplace.

@bartlomiej Your descriptor is too big. Can you raise a DEVHELP issue or talk direct with the Jira Ecosystem team to discuss your use case please?
I’ve raised an internal issue to fix our error messaging