Client/Secret Keys for Client Connection

Dear Atlassian community,

I am attempting to use AppLinks to create an Oauth connection between my application and JIRA. However, it says that I need to input a client/secret key? Do I just generate one myself, or is this supposed to be given to me?

I am familiar with using Google Oauth sign in, but in that case, the client and secret keys were automatically provided. Any insight for an amateur developer would be appreciated!

Hi @kevin.yin,

Is this an external application? Or another Atlassian product?


It’s been a while, but I had success using the code provided in the JIRA REST API Example - OAuth authentication tutorial. You’ll want to download the rest-oauth-client-1.0-sources.jar file, and adapt the code therein for your purposes.

The tutorial gets you to enter “hardcoded-consumer” as the consumer key, and a really long string of gibberish as the consumer secret (provided in the tutorial).


external application. It is a custom one I am creating myself, and is not tied to any other existing product.