Closing community contributions to developer documentation on

About three years ago, we opened up to community contributions. This has been a good experiment for us, and we appreciate the effort the community put in to make these docs great, but we are not getting the amount of updates we need to keep this channel open.

So, we’re closing the “Improve this page” functionality on

You can still help us keep the docs up-to-date by using the “Give docs feedback” reporting functionality available at the top of every page.

We welcome your feedback.

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Hi Tony, sorry to hear this.

First off, I wasn’t aware that it was possible for us to contribute to the docs. I’m a pretty avid watcher, and I know we have team members who have signed the code contribution agreement, yet I was under the impression that for docs it was long gone.

Second, I have used the give docs feedback button a few times and never saw the updates incorporated. Had I known I could ‘be the change you seek’ (above) I would have just fixed that stuff myself.

Nick Muldoon
Easy Agile


I second this - I had no idea we could fix the docs ourselves! I would have loved to do that, rather than submitting “feedback” and nothing happening - where was the “improve the page” link?

Saddens me as well. What is the turn around we should be expect to have docs updated when we find something? Really would like to avoid having to start having my own document repository.

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I would like to see a statistic of the “give docs feedback” functionality. For me it looks like a black hole.

But trying to change the docs was also useless. I’ve opened as a test a small Pull Request last year and there was no feedback on it. It’s just sitting there.

Beginning of 2018 was possible to merge your own changes, without overview. That was an interesting decision :))


Same here - never saw changes incorporated from ‘Give docs feedback’ nor did the trivial pull request get merged or get any kind of feedback.

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The idea of trusting non-Atlassians to edit Atlassian documentation (developer and other) has been around for a long time. I think I was one of the few people who used it actively. But it’s been gone in general for a while now. Not sure if it was the effort of review/approval that was needed, or just legal concerns, but I do miss it!

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I had the same experience as others. Used the ‘Give docs feedback’ button a couple of times to highlight issues but never saw anything happening after that.

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