Cloud app hosting from AWS ec2 instance

Hi team,

I have created one App for JIRA cloud and used ngrok while developing but now planning for hosting this on AWS ec2 instance.

I have installed nodeJS and PostgreSQL in my instance but facing trouble in SSL configuration.

I am able to access my app from http://localhost:3000/ but not sure how can i convert this from http to https.

Please share any document which can help me here to the next configuration.

Hi @SarikaDalal

Have you already registered a domain name for your app? This will be required to use HTTPS.

When setting HTTPS on AWS I would recommend using Route 53 for your DNS, use AWS Certificate Manager to create your SSL Certificate, and use an ALB (Application Lod Balancer) in front of your EC2 instance. The ALB will offload the HTTPS from your EC2 instance and use the Certificated created in Certificate manager.

All these being AWS products they work together nicely and very easy to setup, AWS have a number of tutorials for this common setup


I have purchased domain name and ssl certificate from godaddy .
Will this I can configure in AWS

You should be able to configure them with AWS but it could be more work, there must be tutorials out there for AWS and GoDaddy

Hi @alan.parkinson

I have hosted my app on aws and Can access my app from below url
But still I am not able to install my App in JIRA getting error

Not sure Why I am getting this SSL error
My app in node JS running on 3000 port and I have did proxy setting in Nginx

Any suggestion here What i am doing wrong

@alan.parkinson where you able to fix the issue ?