Cloud Backup API


I’ve been stuck on this backup issue for a while. I have been building an add-on to handle cloud backups but am running into an authentication issue with the /rest/backup/1/export/runbackup endpoint. This endpoint is only documented here so finding information about it is been tough.

The examples use basic auth but that requires a specific user and not system credentials. So the question is:

  • Can this endpoint be authenticated using a JWT token? I’m specifically wondering if this endpoint can be called using a token that is encoded using the methods with the atlassian-jwt nodejs library.

  • If that endpoint is only authenticated via basic auth. Is it possible to have a JWT token ‘downgraded’ to a basic auth key:token where the key and token are provided from a JWT token (this seems very unlikely to me).

Any help with this topic would be greatly appreciated.

Hi @garrett_H3S,

It seems like a reasonable question to ask if the the /rest/backup/1/export/runbackup endpoint can be made available to apps using JWT authentication, although I don’t know if it would be likely to be prioritised. I’ll check with the Jira team.


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