Cloud demonstration site setup

Hi everyone,

not strictly a development question:

we want to run a demonstration site where we can show our app(s) in some predefined context while giving people the ability to test the apps in this setup (aka a classic demo site setup). Part of this requires the ability to regularly scrub the whole instance and reset it to a clean state.

So far we have been using Confluence Server and just snapshotting both the installation and the home directory + database. However this is obviously not an option on cloud, and given that server will go away and we’ll certainly not buy a 500 user tier for DC just for that purpose, we need to move to cloud.

Has anyone any experience how to setup this on cloud? It’s my impression that you cannot even schedule regular off site backups, let alone restore or automate the process there? Is this true?

Any chance I can at least trigger a space export/import via REST?

This here

seems to suggest there is no API :frowning:

Atlassian offers a cloud demo toolkit called One Atlassian that might be what you’re looking for.

Alternatively, if you’re on the premium plan then you can also set up sandboxes which allows you to easily set up a brand new instance and tear it down whenever you want although there are limits to how many you can have at once.