Cloud Limits for Rest call

Hi guys,
I have a big doubt about the limitations of Jira Cloud.

I’ve read the DOC (Rate limiting) but I didn’t understand if there are limitations on how many rest calls I can make to an external endpoint (not Atlassian).
I understood that there are range time limits and that I have to manage the 429 error code, correct?

But, if I want to create a web request automation that sends a rest call every time an issue is updated, I have to worry about how many requests can be raised in a single day?
Or the only important factor is how many requests I sent simultaneously?

I think the same login applies to the Jira Rest Call in general, correct?

Thanks to all,



Short answer is that outbound REST requests don’t have any special “cost”. The limits are applied on other dimensions.

The longer answer is that different Jira products and plans have different limits on executions (regardless of internal or external requests) per month (not per day). Currently, for Jira Service Management the limits apply to global and multi-project automation:

  • Free: 100 executions per month
  • Standard: 500 executions per month
  • Premium: 1,000 executions per user per month (combined)
  • Enterprise: 1,000 executions per user per month (combined)

And, there are some additional limits across all plans for maintaining performance. None of these limits mention HTTP requests.

If you are worried about eating up your quota while developing automation, you can monitor consumption of executions. And, if the only thing your automation does is to emit an outbound request for every issue update, then maybe you should be looking at webhooks, which have no execution limits.