Code Insight report newline

We have an issue when we are creating a Code Insights report for our pull requests.

According to the API documentation only raw strings are allowed in the description fields, with the addition of new lines.

This string may contain escaped newlines and if it does it will display the content accordingly.

However, there is lacking documentation on what this escaped newline is since neither \n, \\n, <br> or html escaped newlines variants are working.

All our attempts will only render a single line with content regardless of what escape character we are using. Please can you give some advice here?

We are using Bitbucket Server 7.1.1


Hi @ahsberg,

I am a developer on Bitbucket Server and upon consulting with another developer on the team there appears to be a bug unfortunately.

You can follow the ticket at BSERV-12633 to track the progress.

Kind regards,
Christopher Tom Kochovski

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