🙋Code Insights: what’s your feedback?

We introduced Code Insights in Bitbucket 5.15 to help you to surface the info offeredby CI systems and other code analysis tools. With Code Insights, you can now present important development info on Pull Requests inside the product to proactively diagnose potential issues and improve code quality.

We’re now looking for ways to make it even better, and we’d love to hear:

  • your experience of using existing integrations
  • your experience of building integrations using the API or by following the tutorial
  • whether it’s had an impact on the quality of your code
  • any overall feedback you have about Code Insights

Or alternatively, why you’ve decided not to use it.

Give us your feedback below or send it via email to khughes@atlassian.com. Thanks in advance!



We added recently to SonarQube the ability to publish PR analysis results into Bitbucket Server using the Code Insights API. The process was straightforward, and the documentation very good (we reported a few minor glitches that have now been fixed).

Here are features we think could be nice additions for us:

  • more freedom for the report summary: it is currently limited to a simple text + up to 6 fields. Supporting markdown would be nice, and allowing more fields. Also allow each field to be clickable (for example we report the test coverage as a percentage, and we would like to redirect user to the complete report on SonarQube side if he clicks on the value).
  • support “range” for annotations, with startLine/startOffset/endLine/endOffset so that code is underlined properly