Codegeist Challenge Eligibility

Hi, I spent the week before last trying to understand Atlassian & the APIs to build a Forge app for Codegeist 2021 (:eyes: my user name checks out). However, I wasn’t able to submit my project in the end because I had trouble logging in to my Devpost account. By the time I had finally gained access, I was a few minutes too late. You can imagine my horror upon realizing that I had just missed the submission deadline.



It stung at first, but then I realized that it was for the best.

Since I failed to submit my project demo and repo on Devpost, does this also disqualify me from participating in the storytelling challenge?


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Hi @codegeist,

Yes, if you read the rules:

  • Storytelling Submissions: To be considered for the Most Valuable Storytelling bonus prizes, participants must have submitted a Forge-built application into the Codegeist 2021 hackathon. Content can be submitted with the Forge app on the Devpost submission form prior to the September 13th deadline OR through a form that will be provided between September 14th and the September 22nd deadline.

Sorry you weren’t able to get your submission in before the deadline. :frowning:

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Thanks @JimmySeddon, that’s what I figured.
Well, to the trash it goes. :slightly_smiling_face:


Maybe you don’t have to trash it? If it’s close, and the issues you submitted get addressed, it could still be a worthy app to share with others in the Marketplace. :slight_smile:

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