Codegeist Unleashed Customer Choice Awards | Voting starts today!

It’s time for the Customer Choice Awards! :raised_hands:

Codegeist Unleashed is Atlassian’s hackathon, where developers compete to build the most innovative AI powered apps and now is your chance to check them out! If you are interested in apps that give you the ability to improve developer workflows, team collaboration or data-backed decision making, then we encourage you to check them out!

(1) Vote for the app you deem the most impressive in each category by 27 February

(2) See the full app line up and install your faves today!

All these apps are supercharged with AI and built on Forge! Watch them in action. Vote and install your fave apps today.


Hi @HelenRincon ,

I hope you’re well! I’m Lucas, one of the creators behind Nutshell for Confluence. I’m excited about the Codegeist Unleashed opportunity and the visibility it offers AI-powered apps like ours.

I have a couple of queries and would greatly appreciate your insights:

  1. Are there plans to feature the Customer Choice Awards category on the Atlassian Marketplace landing page or through other promotional activities? I’ve been keenly searching for contest details and realized it’s primarily accessible via specific email notifications. A more prominent showcase could significantly enhance community engagement and awareness.

  2. When clicking the “Explore All” button on the codegeist-unleashed-apps category page, it redirects to the AI Apps page, where Nutshell for Confluence, among other hackathon entries, is not listed. Could you advise on how we might ensure our app is included in this category for better visibility?

Your support in helping new contributors like us gain recognition within the Atlassian ecosystem would be invaluable. We’re eager to contribute and grow within this vibrant community.

Thank you for considering my questions, and apologies for any inconvenience. Looking forward to your guidance.

Best regards,


Absolutely agree with @LucasMoreiraGuimares for point 2, there is no way to explore all Codegeist apps. A shame, given the effort people put into this. And, as a Codegeist 2022 Winner, this problem was already mentioned years ago. I would love to see a collection of Codegeist apps, which includes the current year and all previous years! What do you think?


Thanks for your questions! Happy to provide some additional context around this campaign.

In order to help drive visibility of your new app listing, we’ve launched a customer-facing campaign to showcase your app across various mediums including, Atlassian Social channels, Jira + Confluence newsletters, Atlassian Community, and at the Marketplace booth at TEAM 24. There may be other opportunities to showcase Codegeist Unleashed apps in other campaigns throughout the year.

The Marketplace homepage is undergoing some changes which will lead to opportunities for AI apps to be more prominently featured. Apps listed on the Codegeist Unleashed collection page will be part of that feature.

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Will “Codegeist Unleashed” collection also highlight old Codegeist winners?


For this campaign we will only include apps submitted to the 2023 hackathon - Codegeist Unleashed.

That would be truly awesome to have also past CodeGeist winners in that collection! Also good for motivating people to see the apps which have done well over time.

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