Colorized output for atlas commands

Hi all,

A few weeks ago I switched to the zsh shell on my development machine, using the tremendous Oh-My-Zsh framework for the shell configuration. That frameworks provide a lot of useful plugins, which makes the life of a developer much more comfortable, e.g., command completion, auto-suggestion and showing the actual git branch you are working on right now. However, mostly I fell in love with the mvn plugin, which among other things add colored highlights to the mvn output. Sadly that didn’t work together with atlas-mvn and the other atlas commands. So I decided to implement my plugin to bring this functionality to the atlas commands.

The idea resulted in a small little helper, which can colorize the different elements in the output of the atlas-commands, which helps to identify warnings and errors much faster, or highlights the URL the system is running under.

Besides, the plugin contains some aliases to shorten the calls or running the atlas commands with specific parameters.

In the past, the Atlassian Developer Community was always really helpful, and we thought about giving back something. So we decided to share our little helper with you for free. Perhaps it will be useful for some of you, too. So the plugin is publicly available over our Bitbucket repository:

Feedback as always is highly welcome and appreciated. So please let us know, if our little helper was useful for you, too, when you tried it.



Thank you for sharing this with the community @alexander.kueken.