Column width for custom field in JSM Queues

Hi all,

i have created a custom field in Jira that only shows an icon. The point of this field was to make Queues in Service Management projects easier to see at a glance, as the icon would be pretty small and not take up a lot of space. My problem is: No matter how short the CF-Name is and how small the icon, the size of the column in the Queue seems fixed - see the fields “C” and “E” in the screenshot, compared to “Issue Type” (T):

Interestingly the width in the regular JQL Listview gets adjusted:

Some information that might be relevant:
I am subclassing AbstractSingleFieldType<String>, implementing SortableCustomField<String> and using the “exacttextsearcher” provided by Jira.

Is there any way to set the width in a JSD-Queue? Even a static width would be fine.

Bonus Question: Is there a way to change a fields name when in Queue mode? I’m thinking Priority getting shorted to “P”, Issue Type to “T” etc.