Coming in the future: One workflow editor with one API in Jira Cloud

Hi developer community,

What is changing?

We’re working on a single workflow editor with one API between company-managed and team-managed projects. To do this, we’re combining the team-managed workflow editor’s ease of use with the company-managed workflow editor’s power and flexibility.

As part of this work, we’re making the rules Marketplace Partners have created for company-managed projects available to team-managed projects, and we’re creating new APIs. You can expect both team-managed and company-managed workflow APIs to eventually be replaced by a single set of APIs. This will be the same set of APIs that Atlassian engineers use.

Why is it changing?

Currently, the two different workflow editors mean two different API endpoints. By unifying these experiences, we hope to empower you to support your customers from a single API. No more doubling up on APIs for different customers. :slightly_smiling_face:

Furthermore, this new workflow API will be publicly available to everyone, meaning you’ll have the same power and functionality Atlassian engineers do. This new API will be more granular than the ones we have now, and you’ll be able to create more powerful workflow processes.

What do I need to do?

If you develop on either on the company-managed or team-managed workflow API, be mindful that we’ll be replacing them in December 2022.

As we get closer to replacing the old experience and APIs, we’ll notify you via the changelog. We’ll make sure to give you at least six months before we deprecate. As that happens, you’ll get access to new APIs with documentation available on our developer site.

We had a product team tech talk with some of you about this recently and learned a lot. From the conversation, we heard the following were important:

  • Visibility into post functions
  • Ecosystem providing stable IDs
  • Forge/Connect support and clarity

When we have something for you to try, we’ll open an EAP (Early Access Program) and add a reply here about it.


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