Command "atlas-connect new" takes forever to run

Hi everyone,

I’m new to atlassian developer, and I am following your tutorials on how to create a macro for Confluence Cloud.

While following the “Creating a dynamic content macro”, I faced a issue:
When running the command atlas-connect new macro-tutorial and choosing confluence, the command takes forever to run. Several hours have passed and it is still running, with no feedback given (the last message on the screen is ? Select a product confluence). I’ve checked and no folder has been created.

I am using node v12.16.3 and npm v6.14.4. Furthermore, I get these messages/ errors when installing atlas-connect and checking the version:

Any idea how to solve this?

Best regards and many thanks

I had the same issue, this solved it for me:

atlas-connect -t jira new myapp

(replace jira by confluence)

Found the solution here: