Command window is disappeared abnormally

Hi, I have a trouble with sdk.

Atlassian SDK : 8.2.6
After I installed sdk in my computer several times, there is the problem that command window is disappeared.
I just execute ‘atals-version’ command, then the command window is closed.
Help me.

Execution log :
ATLAS Version: 8.2.6
ATLAS Home: C:\Tools\Atlassian\atlassian-plugin-sdk-8.2.6
ATLAS Scripts: C:\Tools\Atlassian\atlassian-plugin-sdk-8.2.6\bin
ATLAS Maven Home: C:\Tools\Atlassian\atlassian-plugin-sdk-8.2.6\apache-maven-3.5.4
AMPS Version: 8.1.0
Executing: “C:\Tools\Atlassian\atlassian-plugin-sdk-8.2.6\apache-maven-3.5.4\bin\mvn.cmd” --version -gs C:\Tools\Atlassian\atlassian-plugin-sdk-8.2.6\apache-maven-3.5.4/conf/settings.xml

Sorry to hear you’re having problems with this. Can you please log a bug in the ATLASSDK project, giving full details of your environment and the steps necessary to reproduce the problem?