CommentAction on atlaskit/comment package


I would like to seek assistance on how I can get ahead with setting up “CommentAction” with the same behavior like how the regular comments are being done.


Kindly please assist.


Sorry but I don’t understand your question. I see that you already added new “Agent Response for Jira” issue action.


I’m sorry if my initial comment is unclear. In the screenshot above, I have attached a screenshot from the “Comment” section within the Agent Portal. I would like to replicate the exact comment view (With Edit / Delete) achieved with atlaskit/comment. I was able to replicate the UI, and styles but I couldn’t figure out how I could achieve the Edit functionality to be the exact same.

Please do let me know if I explained better.


You should be able to use editor package to achive the same editor as it’s used in the comment.

Thanks, I will check it out