Commitment to keeping Forge tooling and platform up to date with Javascript ecosystem

Does Atlassian have a policy/commitment to keeping Forge tooling and platform updated with developments in the Javascript ecosystem? I am specifically looking for a commitment to keeping up with active Node LTS releases (there may be other tools/libraries that would benefit from such a commitment, thinking of UI Kit and React version requirements).

Forge’s tooling and platform are based on Node 18.x, which will be end-of-life in about a year. Most Javascript ecosystem tooling now requires the currently active LTS version 20.x, which requires me to regularly downgrade tooling and libraries or even temporarily switch out the node version to make things work.


  • The Forge CLI seems to have a fixed requirement for node <= 18.16.0 (not documented). The CLI does not work with newer Node versions (not even Node 18.16.1). It is not clear to me why we are stuck on 18.16.0.
  • The new Forge Runtime was released not too long ago. It is also currently based on node 18.x. It is not clear to me for how long we will be on Node 18 and if there is any clear plan to support the currently active LTS version 20.x.

The journey with Atlaskit holding us hostage on React 18.6 has really been painful. Forge is starting to show similar signs of falling behind, and it is getting more painful to work with as the Javascript/Node ecosystem moves on.

As a Marketplace Partner moving from Connect to Forge, we are heavily increasing our reliance on Atlassian and the tooling and platform it provides. In most cases, there are no alternatives anymore. I believe that, at the moment, no document describes Atlassian’s commitment to keeping pace with the Javascript/Node ecosystem. If there is, I would be happy to learn about it. Otherwise, my request is to have a clear statement/commitment of Atlassian’s policy/plan to keep up with Node LTS releases for Forge tooling and libraries.

Update on @forge/cli and Node LTS versions:

The Forge CLI team is committed to supporting all LTS releases. There is a small note buried in the docs here: stating

The Forge CLI requires a fully supported LTS release of Node.js installed; namely, versions 18.x or 20.x.

My assumption that only 18.16.0 was supported is wrong. Refer to this post for details:


Hey @tbinna, thanks for the post.

Yes we’re committed to keeping up to date with LTS versions of Node. For the runtime specifically, we’ll be picking this up soon so that we support 20x with a repeatable process so we can support 22x when it goes active later in the year.