Compare diferent cards checkItemStates with board checklist

I am making API call to fetch Board checklist and comparing it with different particular cards Get checkItems on card reponse idCheckItem field.

However, i notice all cards get different id in their API response

“idCheckItem”: “62a0ea17xxxxxxxxxxx”,
“state”: “complete”

Also in webhook under checkitem id is different

“checkItem”: {
“id”: “629e3xxxxxxx”,
“name”: “Createxxxxxxxxx”,
“state”: “complete”,
“textData”: {
“emoji”: {}

Is there any API or common field for same checkItem for different cards that can be compared. Board checklist is being used as master data to compare

Hi there.

What do you mean by “same checkItem for different cards”? A checklist or checkItem can only belong to one card. If two checklists or checkitems are on different cards, even if they have the same name, they are different objects and will have different id’s.

Hello @Bodhi

@Jireh is correct in what he said. Checklists do not exist at the board level, only at the card level. In the same manner, checkitems only exist per each checklist.

The only way to create checklists is per card via the Create Checklist on a Card endpoint or the Create a Checklist endpoint. You can lookup checklists per card via the Get Checklists on a Card endpoint or the Get a Checklist endpoint

If you do use the Get Checklists on a Board endpoint to lookup checklists per board, what you are doing is getting all the checklists that are on all the cards in that board, which you can see in the JSON response.

WARNING. The documentation for the Create Checklist on a Board endpoint is wrong, and leads the reader to believe checklists can be created at the board level!

If you try to use that endpoint as documented and supply just the ID of the board and a name for the checklist, then you will get an error back: “invalid value for idCard”. Even if you provide a valid idCard value in the request body, the exact same error comes back.

@Jireh Can you please double check the endpoint problem I’ve described above, and log it as a documentation bug if you replicate it.


Thanks for calling this out! That API route and the documentation is slated to be removed. Users should be using the “/cards/:id/checklists” route for creating checklists anyways.

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