compass:preUninstall module in Forge manifest file


In the repository gitlab-for-compass there is a module compass:preUninstall which when I try to use I get the following error:

32:2    error    invalid value 'compass:preUninstall' in modules  valid-module-required

I’m wondering is this an experimental feature? Are there plans to enable it in the future or remove it completely?



Hi @IsmailCherri, Sarah from the Compass engineering team here. That module is indeed experimental at the moment. However, you should still be able to use it and deploy using forge deploy --no-verify. In the event that we transition to a new solution we’ll be sure to give you plenty of heads up!

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Hi @SarahBland!
Thanks for your answer.
Our CPEs do not like though because using this flag means that other issues with the manifest file can slip our CI checks.
Looking forward for an update regarding this :smiley: