Compile at least API jars with --parameters

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This question relates to the way Atlassian builds and distributes their code.

Our editor shows method signature parameter types:

Nice. The problem is when there are a bunch of overloads that contain eg String, String, String it’s not at all clear which one to pick, what you need are the parameter names, eg body, groupLevel etc.

Parameter names can be made available in the compiled class using -parameters - so my request is that the build engineers enable this.

AFAIK this would also be useful for anyone using an IDE that had not hooked up the Atlassian source code.

The downside is a slight size increase, see

As before tagging @bentley as I discussed it with him, and @TomaszPrus .

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:wave: Acknowledging that I’m still trying to find the right person for this question.

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