Condition as context parameter


I’m trying to use the condition ‘addon_property_contains_any_user_group’ as a context parameter, but the value of the query parameter is empty.

The query parameter:


The weird thing is, is that it does work when using it like a normal condition:

 {"condition": "addon_property_contains_any_user_group",
  "params": {"propertyKey": "a",
             "objectName": "b"}}


Did you resolve your an issue? I’ve encountered same issue and have no idea how to pass those params to query param.



This is a jump back in time :smile:.

I looked into our codebase and found that we do not use this condition as a query param. Probably because it did not work.

Thanks for verifying it. I appreciate you responded. :smiley:

I hope someone else knows the solution.

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