Conditionally hide project page based on user configuration

We are hoping to create a settings page for our forge application using a jira:adminPage module. This page would essentially contain a list of the user’s Jira projects with a toggle next to each one.

We would like to conditionally display a jira:projectPage module based on this configuration. If the user has toggled on for a given project, it is displayed in the sidebar. If it is toggled off, it is not displayed in the sidebar.

The current manifest documentation for displayConditions seems to say this is not possible, though this was possible in connect.

Is there a way to accomplish this on the forge platform?

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Hi Brian, unfortunately, that’s not currently possible. It is something we’re thinking about for when we bring dynamic module functionality which should hopefully be the first half of next year.

For now, it would be great if you could vote for this similar suggestion in the FRGE project. Thanks!