Conditions on jiraBackgroundScripts?


I would like to not load some of jiraBackgroundScripts on some issues. This would be based on conditions. I thought conditions are supported on all modules in Connect.

This fragment does not work(script is always loaded):

        "jiraBackgroundScripts": [
                "url": "issue-script",
                "location": {
                    "type": "issue_view",
                    "shouldReloadOnRefresh": true
                "key": "issue-script",
                "conditions": [
                        "condition": "jira_expression",
                        "params": {
                            "expression": "false"
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Conditions are not supported for jiraBackgroundScripts modules. It was a conscious decision on Atlassian’s side, for compatibility with “future work in Connect” (I’ll let Atlassian provide more details).