Configure an API to copy worklogs from child Epic to parent Initiative

Hi all, I’m fairly new to APIs and believe the functionality I’m trying to achieve can only be done via APIs.

Current issue: I have Tempo Timesheets which allows for worklogs to roll-up from subtask > story > Epic. However, it doesn’t support worklog roll-ups past the Epic level - such as, if I log 20h to my Epic, I need to see how that rolls up into my parent Initiative.

I know there are other plugins on the marketplace to support this, but I’m trying to see what I can accomplish with Tempo before venturing elsewhere.

With that said, I created my 1st automation rule that adds a parent/child Link Type (as automation for Jira currently isn’t supporting advanced issue linking past the Epic level) once the ‘Parent Link’ field is populated on an Epic. Next, I have a 2nd automation rule that I’m trying to configure following this logic:
WHEN: work is logged for all issue operations
IF: Issue type = Epic
Advanced Branch - For Linked Issues of type Parent
THEN: Send web request to Delete worklogs from Parent Initiative (I did this because my smart value pulls in ALL timelogs, not the most recent one)
AND: Log work using this smart value {{triggerissue.timetracking.timespent}}

I’m struggling to figure out what the web request URL will be to support this functionality on ALL Epics that have a Parent Initiative. I’ve spent a good amount of time looking into this and testing but with no luck. Please let me know what y’all think if you have any possible solutions or workarounds - thanks!