Configure basepath for Forge scripts

We have a project set up as a monorepo. Forge is part of the project, but not everything in the project is Forge, so we have all the Forge related code inside a subpackage directory.

With this configuration, we are able to deploy our Forge app from the subpackage directory, but Forge Tunnel doesn’t work because it is unable to resolve all the dependencies that are hoisted to the root folder of the project, and that is slowing us down. Ex:

  • ROOT
    • node_modules
    • app
      • common-ui
      • custom-ui
      • connect-ui
      • connect-server
      • forge
        • src
        • manifest.yml
    • some other stuff

We would not mind having the manifest in the root folder and run forge-cli from there, but we’d rather keep all the code where it is now.

The issue is that Forge assumes that the code lives under a folder named ‘src’, at the same place where the manifest is. But if we wanted to run forge-cli from the root, that would not match our current folder structure.

Is there a way to tell Forge, either from the forge-cli / forge tunnel execution or from the manifest, where to look for the Forge scripts?

Feature tracked here: [FRGE-422] Ability to provide custom path for src in forge's manifest file - Ecosystem Jira. Please go upvote the issue to help us prioritise this :slight_smile:


Thanks for the suggestion @danielwinterw I just gave my vote :+1: