Configure button redirects without select in sidebar

Hi everyone.
In our app we have a Configure button in the Manage Apps. When we click this button, the app redirects to the right page, but the option in the sidebar is not being selected.
(Check screenshots below)

Configure button:

Sidebar Menu:

We are using the “ConfigurePage” module in the atlassian-connect.
Link to “ConfigurePage” documentation: Configure page
In the “ConfigurePage” module, we are redirecting to a page used in App Administration. The redirect is working fine, but the option is not being select on the sidebar.
How can we achieve the right behavior?

Thanks in advance.
Rafael Morais


Hi @RafaelVideiraMorais ,

Firstly, you’ve linked to the configure page documentation for Bitbucket Cloud, but you’ve added this topic to the Jira Cloud category so I assume you’re referring to Jira Cloud apps. The documentation of Jira Cloud app configure pages is contained within Admin page.

  • configurePage - a “Configure” button will link to this page from the add-on’s entry in Manage Add-ons . Use this page to provide configuration of the add-on itself.

The link appears as a button when you expand the app in the Manage apps page. I don’t know of any mention indicating a link will appear in the sidebar.


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Hi @dmorrow ,

Thank you for the reply. You’re right about the link, it should be on Jira Cloud like you mentioned.

My Configure button is redirecting to the right page, but is not selecting the option in the sidebar.

To explain my problem, this is the option after redirecting from the Configure button:

And this is when I select the option itself:

As you can see, when I select the option manually, the “Miscellaneous” option appear with the selected style. When we click on “Configure” button, the redirects opens the right page, but it doesn’t select the option in the sidebar.

Should this be the right behavior?

Best Regards,
Rafael Morais

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This is probably related to
Basically, the sidebar menu is incorrect whenever you navigate to a page using anything but… the navigation sidebar.


You don’t have access to this issue