Configuring Bitbucket plugin properties

Is there any way we can define the properties inside properties file in bitbucket plugin and override them in the server level.

Else is there any other way we can configure the properties for plugins other than file, as this file needs a server restart when we change the property.

What properties are you trying to change? Typically those should not be touched by plugins as it’s up to the operator to decide how to configure the base product.

I don’t want to change the product properties. I just want to add some custom properties for my plugin. For example, I want to do a rest call to external build server from my plugin, in this case I want to make the Rest URL of external system as configurable property instead of hard coding it in my plugin code. So I want to know is there any mechanism in bitbucket to configure the properties other than the file.

I’ve only ever used ActiveObjects, which is an object relational mapping layer. This would allow you to define a new database table. That’s generally how I handle all configuration for plugins I write.