Configuring local dev instance for email

I am trying to work out an issue with email templates, using a local dev server started with atlas-run. I added a <jvmArgs> element in the jira-maven-plugin configuration section in my pom:


I configured the email server as usual and sent a test mail both from the SMTP configuration pane and from the admin panel. So I know that the outgoing server is configured correctly, and it is capable of sending email.

However, notifications emails are not actually getting sent. As far as I can see, they are not even getting queued. The notification scheme is the default, so when I create or comment on an issue, notifications should get sent.

Is there something else preventing notifications, some other configuration I should set?

(Note that Notification Helper shows green across the board.)

Are you sure the user whose email address you expect to be sent notifications has the “Browse Projects” permission in the relevant project? Obviously, a user won’t get notification for actions performed by itself so I assume you created another user to act as the receiver. Verify the second user has the permissions it needs.

Other than that the notification scheme of the project you expect notifications from linked to the email server you set up? This normally happens by default, but just in case if you look at the notification scheme it should list and email server at the top:

Also if you should look at the ‘atlassian-jira-outgoing-mail.log’ file if you haven’t already.

Positive on all fronts, but admittedly it has been a while (I first posted this on community, not community.developer). IIRC the log file was empty. I’ll recheck everything, though, thanks for the pointers.